We are a company with more than 20 years of experience in the IT sector. We are currently providing our face-to-face services in Italy and remotely throughout Europe, mainly to Spain. We are dedicated to the repair of computer equipment in all your Apple Mac, Windows or Linux systems, in all their versions, installation of programs, backup copies, preventive maintenance, replacement of parts, fault diagnosis, remote technical service and advice.


Technical service
Comprehensive hardware and software repair. Installation of Windows, Mac Os and Linux operating systems. Replacement of parts. Installation of Office Package, Photoshop and all kinds of Programs. Updating of Programs and Drivers. Configuration, repair and assembly of Networks. Formatting, Virus Cleaning Upgrading of equipment (Adding Memory, Disk, Video Card, Processor, etc.) Information Backup (Backup) Cleaning, Optimization and Preventive Maintenance. Assembly of desktop computers according to your need.

Web design
Design of self-managed web pages for your convenience compatible with operating systems and devices such as computers, tablets or phones. Creation and development of customized e-commerce web pages for you. Creation of personal and commercial web pages.

Professional photography for web pages or online advertising We have professional equipment to highlight your products on your website or online advertising We have extensive experience in commercial photography and development of online advertising, banner and more.